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One of the most difficult things about getting started is knowing what tools to buy! 
I intend to use this page to list the tools that use in my videos to build my projects, but also as a guide to build a very useful set of tools for building just about anything!

Welding and Metal Working

Miller Welding Helmet
Miller Welding Glasses
Miller Half Mask Respirator


When welding or plasma cutting, your lungs will thank you when using this respirator that fits comfortably under a welding helmet. 

Welding Jacket


This jacket protects you from UV, sparks and spatter while you are working on your project.  The lightweight material is ideal for most temperatures. 

Multimatic 220 ACDC Welder


The new multiprocess welders from Miller allow for flexibility and freedom of process in one portable and easy to use machine.  Chose from MIG, TIG or stick!

Spectrum 625 XTREME Plasma Cutter


This 40 AMP plasma cutter can easily cut up to 5/8" mild steel.  Using templates will make fast and easy work of of operations that used to take hours!

Spoolmate 150 Spool Gun


If you are afraid of welding aluminum, don't be.  This spool gun is the easiest process and will have you sticking together light structures with ease.

Welding Gloves


These gloves are perfect for TIG and for light MIG welding.  For dexterity, comfort and durability.


Operations that require less darkening and protection afforded by a full helmet.  In these cases, simple dark and clear safety glasses are a perfect choice. 


With the largest viewing area in the industry, this helmet is both comfortable and incredibly handy for the professional and DIYer alike.

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