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For over 20+ years, I have been pursuing all aspects of making by immersing myself in learning about new materials and emerging fabrication technologies.  My background is in architecture, but I am also interested in furniture and product design and enjoy discovering new ways of looking at problems to find innovative solutions.  


I hope to inspire people to consider the value of responsible design and to develop critical thinking skills by challenging my own assumptions about design and fabrication.  



Owner and Co-Founder | Grunblau Design Studio

Digital Designer, Sculptor, Fabricator and Educator and YouTube Creator


Digital Fabricator, Consultant | Beanworks 


Digital Fabricator, Special Projects Coordinator, Consultant

Advised on the design and layout of a multi-million dollar digital fabrication lab and tool acquisition for a private tech company. Coordinated various contractors and personally engaged in the renovation and multiple additions to an existing building. Designed and produced prototypes and processes using a Kuka Robot, Laser Cutter as well as the management of lab resources.



Adjunct Professor, Coordinator | Lawrence Technological University

VC4 Advanced Design Studio, Digital Fabrication and Visual Communication.



Director of Applied Technology, Designer | Massie Architecture

Responsible for all 3D modeling, documentation, and digital fabrication for various award winning residential and installation projects.



Invited Lecturer and Visiting Artist | Cranbrook Academy of Art 

Led multiple annual seminars on digital fabrication and making as it relates to art and architecture



Master of Architecture | Montana State University, Bozeman, MT



Bachelor of Environmental Design | Montana State University, Bozeman, MT



Industry Liasson, Beanworks and College for Creative Studies | Detroit, Michigan 

Future of Work, Semester Long Workshop and Investigation into Environmental Design


Adjunct Professor, College of Architecture | Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan

Advanced Design Studio

Intro to Digital Fabrication 

Visual Communication Coordinator, Instructor

Awarded Ford C3 Grant for Low Cost Housing Proposal

Developed Prototype House for Habitat for Humanity


Invited Artist/Annual Workshop Series | Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Rhinoceros 3D: Integration of Art and Digital Fabrication
[Make] Seminar: CAD, CAM, Introduction to CNC Plasma and Router
Advanced Computer Modeling and Digital Process
Analogue to Digital to Analogue: Exploration of 3D Scanning and Rapid Prototyping



Invited Panelist, Design Show Talks | Detroit Artists Market, Detroit, Michigan

Instructor | College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan,

Transportation Design Department, Precision 2D/3D Modeling, Advanced Rendering

Industrial Design Department, Precision 2D/3D Modeling, Advanced Rendering



Invited Speaker | College for Creative Studies, Crafts Department, Detroit, Michigan


Invited Speaker, Critic | The University of Detroit Mercy, School of Architecture, Detroit, Michigan



Invited Speaker | College for Creative Studies, Industrial Design Department, Detroit, Michigan



Instructor, Graduate and Undergraduate School of Architecture | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York

Rhinoceros 3D and Microstation, Applied Technology in Architecture focusing on Digital Communication and Production



COG NATIV Prefab System, Consultation and Development

BMW Car Wash Project Supervision and Fabrication Contractor | Bloomfield Hills


Hines Industrial Renovation Concept Development R&D, Offices and Warehouse | Northville, Michigan

Aesthetician Office and Athletic and Nutrition Space Concept Development | Northville, Michigan

Heavy Metal Bird Feeder | YouTube

Gravity Clamps | YouTube

Leather Wrapped 3D Prints | YouTube


Ocean Drive Guest House | Key Largo, Florida

Seaside Residence and Pool Design | Key Largo, Florida

Folded Steel Tree | YouTube

Giant Fiberglass Bowl | YouTube

Deck Chair | YouTube


KOI Pond Sculptural Fountain Installation | Northville, Michigan

Stitch and Glue Personal Kayak | YouTube

Rocket Stove | YouTube

Ball Jar Light | YouTube

The Thinker, 3D Scan and Metal Cast | YouTube


Beanworks R&D Fabrication Lab | Plymouth, Michigan

Residence Swimming Spa Addition and Concept Development | Northville, Michigan

427 Cobra Dash Design and Single Point Forming Investigation 

9793 Residential Sign and Steel Structure | Northville, Michigan

Casting Aluminum for the Home | YouTube



Orchard Ridge Residence Pool and Gardens, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Dreamlab, Storage Facility and Office Addition Design, Pontiac, Michigan



Dreamlab, Advanced Materials and Paint Lab Addition and Site Work Pontiac, Michigan



Hall House for Habitat for Humanity, Commerce, Michigan

House02, Winning Ford C3 Grant Proposal Pontiac, Michigan



Wessen Lawn Tennis Club, Pontiac, Michigan



Dewey Pool House, Birmingham, Michigan



Post-Industrial Complex, Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, Michigan

4 Storey Lasercut Handrail, Bloomfield Hills Residence, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Lululemon Storefront Birmingham, Michigan



Maker Faire, Platform CNC, Detroit, Michigan

Valley Way Entrance Gate, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Taubman/Two Mile Hollow Residence, East Hampton, New York, New York

Etterbeek Bar and Lounge, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan



Cranbrook New Museum Reception Area, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Nagerian Residence, Birmingham, Michigan

DAM Design Show, Bath, Detroit Artist Market, Detroit, Michigan



Taubman Falcon 2000EX Corporate Jet Interior and Exterior Design

Porous Light, 2010 Design Show, Detroit Artist Market, Detroit, MI

North American Bancard Headquarters, Troy, Michigan

Taubman Residence Conservatory, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Maker Faire, DIY MDF CNC, Detroit, Michigan



Mosaic Youth Theatre, Detroit, Michigan

AXA VIP Art Lounge, Art Basel, Miami, Florida

Whistle Vase, Pewabic Pottery, Detroit, MI



American House 08, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI

CAT table, Design Democracy 08, ICFF New York City, NY

PARAHINGE chair/table, Design Democracy 08, ICFF New York City, NY



Milan House, Milan, New York

Crysler Pentastar, Clear!Blue, Birmingham, MI



X Screen, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI



Sipes Residence, Los Angeles, California

Sternal Residence, Spencertown, New York

Younger Residence, Mercer Street, New York City, New York



Big Belt House, Meagher County, MT

Grabler Building, Laight Street, New York City, NY

Mondo Cane Duane Street, New York City, NY


2003 Internet Radio Station

Entry Space, Shanghai Biennale

White Necklace, Doha Corniche Competition Entry in collaboration with Martha Schwartz



Playa Urbana, PS1 MoMA Young Architects Program Competition.

Window Installation, Agnes B, New York City, NY



Big Sky House, Meagher County, MT


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