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Sometimes you find a crossover game that just makes sense and ends up being a lot of fun!  BOWling lets you practice your archery skills while also challenging yourself to beat your own high score!  Family Fun for multiple players.


Easy to use Scoring App for Bowling

Target and Scoring

The rules are simple!  Try to get as many points during ten frames of BOWling.  A game consists of ten frames made up of two chances to get ten points per frame.  A perfect score is 300.

The target face is made up of numbered cells that represent ten pins. The center X is a strike and is achieved by either getting the first arrow entirely inside the yellow circle or by touching the outside line. Lines are considered in.

A Turkey is achieved when an archer gets 3 strikes in a row and represents maximizing the value of a single frame of 30 points! 

Each player will take turns shooting two arrows per frame.  Only one arrow in a frame where a player gets a strike (10 points) on the first arrow. 


The score is tallied per frame unless the player gets a spare or a strike.  In these cases, the value of the first arrow of the next turn will be added to previous frame in the case of a spare and the value of the next two arrows will be added in the case of a strike.

The final, 10th frame will also be scored with two arrows unless the player gets a spare or a strike in which case, the player will get a bonus third arrow to close out the game.

If the first arrow lands in a scoreable area but misses the X, that number is noted and all values above that number subtracted from 10 are no longer in play.


Just as if you knocked down that many pins in a traditional game, the only opportunity to score is by knocking down pins that are still standing!  If the second arrow hits any number higher than those numbers in play result in a zero being entered for the frame.  Just as if you missed the pins that were still standing.

Example: The first arrow lands in the 7… this value is scored. The only valid numbers for the second shot are 3,2 or 1. If the second arrow lands in a number greater than 3, it will be scored as zero.  If the archer gets a 2, then it is added to the 7 for a total of 9 for the frame.  If the archer gets a 3 on the second shot then that frame is scored as a spare!

A spare is achieved when the value of the first arrow and the second arrow add up to ten.

White areas between the scoreable areas are gutter-balls and scored as a zero.  The white rings around the numbers 1-9 are a narrow miss and should be scored according to the value the arrow touches.  

If an arrow spans two different values, it is Shooter’s Choice to be indicated at the time of the shot and before the next arrow is released.

Just as in traditional bowling, players might have different skill levels. The target should generally be shot at a distance of 20 yards but this distance could be increased or decreased based on archer skill. The target design intends for a 7MM or smaller shaft arrow and game should be scored based on the final resting place of the arrow shaft.

A paper target will generally last a full 10 frames for 3 people. If there are more people, consider opening more lanes!

Need to order more targets?

Pack of 10 Targets: $18.99

Pack of 50 Targets: $49.99

Please use the contact form below to inquire about future availability.

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