Grunblau 3L Table by 
Brian Oltrogge



Concept Model of a light for the D.A.M Design Show


Shown to the left is a screen capture of some of the toolpath for the final piece. The other two images are the front and back.


The apertures allow for direct light, in some cases diffusing the available light along the surface while traveling through the piece. On the opposite side, a cove light provides illumination from within the piece.




Bits to Atoms...


This is after the first toolpath for the front.


The 2D shapes are cut from the top layer of material and glued in place to serve as stock for the interior toolpaths.


The 3D negatives are roughed in and ready for the finish toolpath.




Detail shot taken during the finishing pass on the front.


 light design Brian Oltrogge



Here is the piece after over 16 hours of machining.


Ready to be sealed, painted and to install the

Electroluminescent Wire light.




Here is the finished piece. The light runs on 12V and really works great in low light conditions.


finished detail DAM Light Brian Oltrogge



Close up detail of the finished light.