DIY Computer Numerically Controlled Router


I designed and built my own MDF CNC machine in the spare bedroom of my apartment. I first assembled the machine digitally in Rhinoceros and plotted paper patterns 1:1 at Kinkos.


I then used the machine to reissue some of the hand cut parts to allow for tighter tolerances and to explore aesthetic variations.


I have now made the plans for building my machine available for purchase!



DIY CNC Brian Oltrogge



This shot was taken on the first day of my build. 


Here I was building the 43” X 98” table that would become the base of my CNC.



DIY CNC Brian Oltrogge



This image is from when the machine was fully assembled with the hand cut pieces.


I would then break the machine back down and coat everything with

satin polyurethane to seal the MDF.


DIY CNC Brian Oltrogge



I used the hand cut machine to reissue many of the parts and explore some design opportunities that would have been impossible to execute by hand.


DIY CNC Brian Oltrogge



This is an image of all of the CNC cut pieces that would replace the hand cut parts.


DIY CNC Maker Faire Brian Oltrogge



Daniela and I had a blast at Maker Faire Detroit. It was worth dissasembling the 'ship in a bottle' and to finally be able to step back and see the entire machine!


DIY CNC Maker Faire Brian Oltrogge



Kids at Maker Faire solving a maze I printed and doing some high tech doodles.



For a more detailed look at the entire build, click here.